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The Living Wisdom Project

Imagine a world where you can freely access answers to all your well-being questions in one place…

Our Work:

WellFinder is an online platform for schools and universities to offer more comprehensive well-being support to students, better connect them with trusted well-being support options and promote well-being as an integral part of every person’s life.

It is developed in collaboration with the educational institutions who are our members.

Students can: 

1. Find answers to all their wellbeing questions in one place, provided by world-leading experts;
2. Connect this insight to local activities & services from trusted providers and their own educational institution to more easily put their well-being plans into action;
3. Try out self-help resources from our extensive library curated just for them;
4. Plan, prioritise and track their well-being activities, including their impact;
5. Access local support from their own institution when they need guidance, reassurance or suggestions for their next step.

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